Below are just some of the Get Well gifts that InJoy Gifts creates. Gift Cards can be added for an additional fee.* Don't see anything that hits you? Please click on links above for other gift occasions or click on home to get back to our home page. We can modify any of our other gift designs to meet your needs. We specialize in customization. We can add balloons, magazines, coloring books, puzzle books, sticker books that the recipient would be interested in as well.

Get Well Gift Baskets

Small Smile! 

A little pick me up that will put a big smile on their face & warm their heart. With Smoked almonds, Lemon Drops, Triple Mix Gourmet Popcorn & our pint Jars of Joy Teddy Bear Hugs Gummy Bears. 

starting at $37.50

Sunny Smile

A great budget friendly, pick me up gift for any occasion and will be sure to bring a smile on the recipient's face! Packed with Smiles and a lot of chocolate to the rescue! This keepsake metal tin holds Roasted Almonds, Salt Water Taffy, Smiley Vanilla Wafer cookies, Hazelnut Chocolate Bar, Twinings Green Tea, Gourmet Chocolate Covered Oreos and a Lindt Smiley Chocolate disc.



Small Feel Better Soon Junk Food Junky

A cheerful box of candies and snacks otherwise known as junk food topped off with a big smile. Anything from Rice Krispy treats, to Cracker Jacks, Twizzlers, Whoppers, M&Ms, Razzles and Chuckles and more, will help to put a smile on their face and get them to Feel Better Soon!

starting at $42.50

Large Feel Better Soon

Help them feel better soon with a box of smiles with Cheddar Cheese Straws, asst. cookies, asst. nuts, Smiley Face Bubble Gum, Gummy Flowers, Bissinger's chocolates & Smiley sugar cookies topped off with a large smiley balloon.

starting at 69.95


Large Smiley Game Box

When the hospital stay might be long and goodies can't be eaten, just give us some info. about the recipient and a budget and we can create something that will be oh so memorable and put a smile on their face! Pricing varies upon content & extra time for production is required.

Starting at $79.95

Large Game & Toy Box

Sometimes the tummy can't take any edibles so we can create gifts with games and toys based upon your budget. Please let us know. Pricing varies depending on contents & extra time for production is required.

Starting at $79.95



Small Rx Enjoy! 

Doctor's orders - Rx EnJoy! This doctor's bag holds Triple Mix popcorn, Gummi-Aid or Choco-Aid, Chocolate malt balls, Chocolate Caramel Covered Pretzel Rod, Dr. Feelgoods Trail Mix          




Sweet Relief

Give them a perky pick me up with Triple Mix Popcorn, Lemon Drops, Bissinger's Dark Chocolate Cherries, White Chocolate Krispy Aspirin, Dr. Feelgood's Trail Mix will put them back on the trail to good health!


Large Rx Enjoy

This Dr. Bag of goodies will be enjoyed by the patient and perhaps their guest too! It holds a variety of snacks and sweets Like popcorn, chocolate band aids, snack mix, nuts, candies, snacks, chocolates & more that will help them out on their road to recovery.

Starting at $59.95

Teddy Bear Hugs!

A Basket full of Teddy Bear Hugs with cheerful fresh flowers, an assortment of in season fruit, a variety of healthy snacks, dark chocolate, cookies and a Teddy Bear to hug.

starting at $99.95

Get Well Bounty

A cheerful prescription to Enjoy! This basket holds a variety of Good Health snacks, comforting Tates Chocolate Chip Cookies (they're sooo good!), chocolates, Honey Lemon Drops, fruit, with word find, crossword puzzle, suduko books.

As shown ~ $89.95 

Smaller versions are available.

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Large Smiley Junk Food Junky

Okay, so they don't have any diet restrictions but they are laid up for a about a box of smiles and junk food? This gift has a variety of snacks and candy. We can add a magazine or a puzzle book too.

Starting at $64.95


Dr. Bag

Dr.'s on call with this Dr. Bag full of goodies. An assortment of treats with a large white chocolate Aspirin with rice krispies, Choco-Aid chocolate Bandaids, Bandaid Bubble gum, Hard Fruit Candies and more.

starting at $34.50

It's Showtime!

A perfect gift for someone laid up. This Popcorn container holds a large bag of Dale & Thomas' Original Movie Theater Popcorn, 2 liter of Soda (your choice of standard Sodas), Movie Theater Candy and a $5 RedBox gift cert. You may add more $ to the gift cert. for an additional fee.

As Shown Above~ $36.95

A Larger version of our it's Showtime

This version includes a variety of showtime snacks & candies with some DVD's added that the recipient would enjoy. We can modify the contents without the movies as well.

Shown at $89.95

 *Please see our policies regarding gift cards.

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